Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead is the first novel that I have ever revisited. I read it for the first time about a decade back (around 2000-01) and read it again this month. It is one of those rare books which makes you appreciate the fact that humans can read, write and above all think.

This book was a stepping stone to a whole new philosophy of objectivism and idea of how an ideal person should live. The book's author, Ayn Rand, has done a great job putting forward a timeless piece of concept which still rings bells with readers 65+ years after its release. Her other novel 'Atlas shrugged' explains the philosophy even better and is considered as her biggest accomplishment as a writer and a philosopher. I like 'The Fountainhead' better than 'Atlas Shrugged' though because of its concise storyline and precise explanation of 'objectivism'.

I feel everyone should read this book at least once in a lifetime to understand our current world of 'collectivism' and why society encourages it. I don't mind revisiting this book again in next decade or two :-).