Thursday, December 30, 2004

Best break-up line

George Costanza's (In Seinfeld) girlfriend is fed up with him and try to breakup with him.

GF: Seriously, george, its not u, its me.

George: you are giving me "its not u, its me" routine.
I invented "its not u, its me" routine.
Nobody gives me "its not u, its me" routine.
If there is somebody its not them, its me.

GF: OK george, its you.

George: You are damn right, its me.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami !!!

I guess this is how worse things can get when two natural elements (earth and water) declare war against mankind. Especially when it is unexpected. Now the question arises what action should be taken to minimize the effect of such calamities in the future. There are many active online discussions and it seems so that concerned countries hesitate to join 'tsunami club' (name changed for my convenience) because its a costly affair. They say they can afford such calamity once in 40-50 yrs rather than joining the club.

Its easy to scrap the idea but i feel its a very sensitive issue. Keeping mind over matter: what if this tsunami never strikes india again for near 300 yrs.I guess govt might be knowing abt this in detail. It all depends on the cost involved in loss and the cost to rebuild the destroyed world. And don't forget the personal loss involved.

But one thing is for sure: ppl will avoid going to coastal areas, for recreation, for a long time now...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Been there, Done that

Masters in computer science, well, I could now officially say: been there and done that. Well I must admit MS changed me in lot of ways. I would recommend all the ppl to go for post graduation if time,money and family permits.

Experience of a foreign land is a big plus for international students. Cooking, laundry, cleaning the apt and of course course work makes the person instant mature. And when this process goes for two years, u realise u have come a long way and all was worth it.

Graduation commencement was held on 18th dec in my university USU. Will post the photos on my website at the earliest. Follow the link (link) mentioned below. Graduate walk was a grt feeling especially when this feeling was not provided by our dear mumbai university. 10 secs of fame is worthy...

Some things that I learnt in MS:

1) Education is fun
2) World is much bigger than our busy Mumbai
3) Leaving alone away from the family and friends makes u stronger to face the world
4) Planning in life helps

Friday, December 10, 2004


Well there are some things which you think will never happen to you. One such thing is your email password being hacked. It happened to me about a month ago. I am not sure whether a culprit is known or a unknown person. But that stupid guy changed my password as well. So I could not access my account right till now. I wrote some 10 emails to yahoo security grp to finally get my password reset.

Well I would not blame yahoo for that. Yahoo being the provider of one of the largest free services might find it difficult to attend the numerous complaints they might be receiving from all over the world. But I would defintely like to suggest yahoo guys to come up with some technique which might help a user in detecting that something might be going wrong. For e.g. if there is drastic change in location of two consecutive access to the same email id then a warning email should be sent to the alternate email id provided.I guess there might be more solutions to the problem.

I guess I can be a better example for ppl to learn from: make your password a tricky one, never disclose it to anybody and never use the same password at many places.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Namesake !!!

Well, all NRIs would agree that foreigners find it difficult to say our indian names. My name is usually called as vykas. Nowadays I have stopped to correct them. Because I think 'What the hell, as long as i know they are referring me'. And it makes them happy as well as they don't have to think much about how to spell my name.

I personally feel we should follow china's steps in this case. Their names are so awful that they have an equivalent american names for the 'other-than-china' countries. I would like to have a new name, I mean who wouldn't !!! So my american name would be 'Victor'. I like thatttt !!! So currently I am looking for new americans to make friends with so that I can introduce myself as Victor.

And now about indians. You would hardly see friends calling each other by their first names. Each guy would be associated with a nickname. Sometimes even surname would do but never by first name. It is kinda insult to the friend. I have some nicknames too: vpd (my initials), stud, vykas and currenly new coined name (of MBMBBS fame) 'mamu'.

So the rule is to introduce yourself with your first name. Then it is upto the listener what he plans to call you. IF he is foreigner he will call u by american name and your natives would not miss to coin a funny nickname for you. I guess thats how world works !!! Everbody wants to run from their first names and knowingly- unknowingly ( I invented this word) they love their other coined names. Its a well accepted fact and nobody can deny it. Everybody wants to escape from the routine. Think abt it !!!


Finally got the opportunity to watch shwaas. The film, in literal sense, touches hearts of the audience. The most striking feature of the film is that it proves the good old truth of films : film should have a message and a film should be simple.

One do not need many characters or songs or any fiction plot to prove a thing. Shwaas followers would agree that a film is much more bigger than costume, characters, film sets and ofcourse the current trend of 'sex'. The climax of the film is very touching and simply beautiful.

Hope it gets entry into oscar final set of nominations.