Sunday, October 30, 2005

To Kill a Mocking Bird

There are some books about which one cannot and does not want to write anything else but praise. This book is precisely ons of those. I truly agree with other fellow readers that its a classic. And I strongly recommend everybody to read it atleast once. The book being published in 1950s is a timeless creation and Harper Lee [author] still considers it as just a simple love story.

The book mainly describes about children growing up and their dynamic thought process during those changing times. It describes about a man who stands for his principles. It describes about a village which is good at heart but follow all the old traditional idiosyncrasies. It describes about how everything falls at right places at time passes by. Its simplicity makes the book great. This books proves that simple story narration and innocence can improve the book quality by heaps and bounds. You do not need any complicated stories or situations to make a successfull book but a simple story from the heart. I would prefer it to be read as a part of curriculum for English graduation courework (or it might have already been done).

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A guitarist

The bar was crowded, noise and wine flowing all the way
waiters and cleaners at their toes, at work it was just another day
every table one could see and hear, people involved in their own small worlds
mortgage, loan, rent and credit, nothing else was their worth

raising voices, emoting faces, one can sense the tension
rising temperature, gulping glasses, happy were they none
the podium lights up, people pay no heed
a jacket, jeans and cowboy hat arrives, with his guitar and strings

out came a divine music, fingers to guitar as his rest
faces turned at every table, silence was at its very best
played the player face down, he became irresistable
even deaf cleaner could hear him, his music was visible

forgot the worries everybody had, felt like existing in different world
where sun don't have to hide, for moon to rise and shine
Stepped he out after an hour or so, audience did not believe him
bowed he and left in silence, audience could not digest him

audience of that day, came day after day
helpless addicted were they, music which was trip to far far away
realised they after few years, existed never the guitarist
before and after the show, unknown was he to everybody
believed they him a glimpse of divine, earth on stepped he to teach
what is life all about and how to live it!!!

(A poem dedicated to myself on my 25th Bday, yeah !! u r right, I am so full of myself :-) )