Friday, January 07, 2011

Another 2-liner

I wrote this 2-liner in 2002:

"Life is programmed by God
but executed by me!"

We ended up making t-shirts, for our undergrad class, with these lines embedded - 1st line on front and 2nd line on back of the shirt. Sadly my t-shirt met its death couple of years back. This t-shirt project went for couple of months and involved:

1) Coming up with about 10 2-liners
2) Taking class's approval on which one did they like
3) Making a cool art of 'a computer controlled by human hands'
4) Finally, deciding on quality and color of t-shirt and everything that went on it.

The t-shirt raised few eyebrows among the public because 'execution' was interpreted in a whole different way by the non-technical people. Nevertheless I had fun working on these lines.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2 liners

Since Yahoo closed down the Geocities IP last year, I have lost my website and don't feel a need to create one. So you will get to read some of my 2-liners (that I wrote few years back) on this blog:

"Life is internet,
I am a browser"

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

The first thing that crosses my mind with the start of a new year is new year's resolution. Not that I made resolutions every year and if made did keep them, but it gives a sense of achievement to make one. This year I am going to make a resolution and blog about it, hoping that disclosing to public will add much-needed pressure to keep my resolution. My resolution is to cut down on my 'TV' time. I watch TV religiously everyday for atleast an hour and sometimes don't even care what I am watching. I am hoping that cutting down on spending time with 'idiot box' will make me smart :-).

With this blog, wishing you a Happy New Year.