Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dual World

As our current world spends half its time in digital universe, time has come to look upon Heros created and revered by geeks. Yeah, I am talking about heroes of digital world who can give a tough fight to our heroes from mythology and our history. These heroes came to life from video games, comic strips, anime and other medium (which I might not be even aware of). Comic strips seem to be the originator of this whole other world where today's 40+ males can comfortably relate to. In 1970s these same geeks were outcaste and considered to be the losers. But now wives proudly discuss about how their husbands / kids play video games, read comic strips, watch anime and other sci-fi animations. So what do you think how our future looks like. As I can see it, we would end up having two lives: one in real and one is digital world. Due to increasing population the world has become quite competitive and it has become difficult to taste success in real life. That’s where digital universe will provide solace to people. Each person will have alias name, profession, home and life which he will care as much as he cares about in real world. I would like to call this whole prediction of mine as 2084 :-) (Courtesy: "1984" by George Orwell).