Tuesday, September 04, 2007

101st blogpost

Having never tried consciously to blog frequently it came as no surprise to me that it took me 4 years to write 100 blog posts. I started blogging for mainly four reasons:

1) to improve my writing skills
2) to write about topics that demand more thought and attention
3) to remind myself that life is a huge opportunity and I need to jot down and celebrate small and big events that happens in my life.
4) write something on impulse and purely on my natural instincts.

I was reading some of my earlier posts and compared them with my current ones. Based on my observation it seemed that I am moving in the right direction in achieving those above mentioned goals, or is it just my age and maturity that has changed in past few years. One way or the other, blogs have been a place of recluse where I measure the changes that I have gone through in last few years.