Friday, June 13, 2008

Sarkar Raj

[Warning: It’s a spoiler, so don’t read this blog if you are going to watch the movie]

Being a big fan of crime movies that are directed by RGV, I was a bit disappointed with Sarkar Raj. It seems that RGV, in a desperate attempt to break his series of flops, decided to overuse his strengths. The background music that was known for its best timing found itself all over the places in this movie. The storyline, which has been one of the main strengths of RGV’s crime movies, was a bit disturbing to my taste. My biggest complaint to RGV for this movie is ‘Why do you have to kill Abhishek? If you were that desperate to surprise the audience then you would have killed AB. People would have loved that, I know I would”. If there is another Sarkar movie in subsequent years starring AB, then I guess I would have to pass. The way Sarkar Raj ended it seems like RGV is planning to bring a new face as AB’s grandson who will take over the family business. But for now, Sarkar Raj is an above average movie which got a good opening (thanks to huge starcast) but will fall short of ‘word of mouth’ publicity.

Sarkar Raj: 3 / 5

Monday, June 09, 2008

Arrested Development

AD is a television comedy series that showcases a classic case of self-centered materialistic family (Bluth) where each member cares only for himself. However this is not true for 2nd son (Michael Bluth) of the family who selflessly tries to save the family from every ridiculous problem they land into on a daily basis. The series is a bold take on materialistic nature of a human being , who if raised in a rich family can deter using his logical sense. It took me a while to digest the crude nature of comic take on wordly day-to-day happenings, but now I am addicted to the show. I ended up watching all 3 seasons of AD on I should warn you that this is not your regular sit-com show. You need to be a part of western culture to get most of the jokes from AD.

My review: 3.5 / 5.0