Monday, July 25, 2005

My new Nephew

My vahini (Mallika) and cousin (Prasad) had a baby boy last week and here is my bro's interesting letter subjected "New Release":

" Our new product has been launched into this world! It was nine months in the making and was ready one day before the deadline. The CEO and CTO (Mallika and Prasad) are delighted by this cutting edge product. The main features of the product are feeding, sleeping and wetting diapers. However, by far the best feature is the cute smiles :)

You might have guessed the product by now! "Dhruv Deshpande" was born on July 15th at 1.59 pm at Santa Teresa Hospital. He was 6 lbs 10.6 Oz and 21 inches in length at birth. The name "Dhruv" means the North star and stands for someone who is steady and unchanging.

Mom and baby are healthy and recovering. Dad is enjoying playing with him. "

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Where is Novelty?

So where do we stand today? One movie releases, along come related console games, cell phone games, music video, remixes, food drinks with movie brand and what not. Everybody wants to monetize on the existing idea prevailing the old profound theory of human mankind : work less, earn more.

And you will sense the height of the above theory when ppl declare that they are cashing on the old popular movies as well. Distinguished directors are planning to remake Don, Sholay. Game Industry is making games based on GodFather, JamesBond etc. Technology thus is used to ensure that an idea doesn't get wasted and everybody makes full use of it.

So the question to ask yourself is: where we stand today?