Sunday, September 26, 2004


There are very few options left for a Masters student to escape from 8-5 job routine:

1) Either do Phd and become a prof
2) Or do MBA and enter into management.

I never had aptitude for the first option. Second option is kinda interesting. Management is something which always fascinated me. A management guy has some level of freedom and authority which a developer/programmer will never enjoy. He can change things around him and make a difference. He can experiment with some ideas instead of blindly following some set of specifications (programmer's job) given by some client. If he is really competetive then he can take the company to a very new level.

I guess every one of us wants such virtues in his profession.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ganesh Utsav

We celebrated Ganesh Utsav for 1.5 days here in Logan, Utah. It was special this year for we "mumbai" group were the organizers. Being senior students in USU, we took the responsibility of Utsav and it was great fun.

The noticeable part is that Indians living outide India follow the Indian culture with great passion. The proverbial stmt of "One knows the importance of a thing after it is lost" stand true in this case. We have "Dasera" and "Diwali" coming in next month.
It is a truly said fact that Indians create a "Mini-India" wherever they go.

One guy wore a T-shirt in Ganesh Utsav with this tag line:

"Come to India......... One billion people can't be wrong"

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Wall

For every organization (for e.g. a company, cricket team, school etc) to be successful there are 3 essential elements required:

1) A strong technical guy who gives instant results
2) A mangement guy who manages the whole team
3) And a guy who bridges the above mentioned categories and makes many sacrifices without complaining

Lets talk something about the third guy and his qualities :
Yeah, first thing that comes to ones mind is he is dependable. If something goes wrong in the organization then he is the most sought after. If somebody has some problems then he comes to the help. He takes reponsibility for both success and failure with grace. And yes, his work ethics are very strong. These qualities makes him respectable in the whole group.

These guys don't work for promotions or any raise. But they make sure that grp is always in good position.

Are we still talking about just any other ordinary person. Nope, we just finished describing the WALL. He was declared the "Best Player of the Year" and "Best Test Player of the Year" by ICC.

Mr.Rahul Dravid deserves it all....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Kramer: "Hey Jerry!! Would you watch my car for 2 mins ?"
Jerry declines the request and then says to George:
Jerry:"According to the time frame Kramer follows, a man should live for 2000 years."

So how many of us have experienced this. Somebody asks you to wait for 10 mins and then comes back after half an hour. Somebody, till today, use the phrase "back in 2 secs". 2 secs....

I have a good friend who would call the whole group at some place at some time and would himself appear atleast half an hour late.

On poking, he would reply: We are Indians.
I guess he was right. Partly because I didn't have a good reply to that statement except some trivial comments like we are the future of India blah blah.

I saw the same pattern among the Indian students here in US. Every ISA (Indian Student's Association) function starts atleast half an hour late. And back comes the reply from Mr.President :
'We are following the Indian Standard Time" and the public goes ha ha ha !!!

But the same ISA would hoist the flag on 15th August at the exact pre-decided time. According to the organization, hoisting flag late is an insult to the country.

hmmm !! yeah, that makes some sense.