Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My bit of Philosophy towards life

I am a human being. And I tend to believe it is the most advanced species. I have a single life and I tend to make the most out of it.

The question one must ask is how to make the best of one's life? What is that one must achieve and what is that one must call the cup of life? I think about it a lot and I guess there is no definite answer. Lets say the ans differs from person to person. The least one can do is keep learning, who knows one fine day one might find something "worth living for".

So next question that arises is what to learn? I guess one must have an open mind that can learn whatever it feels interesting. For e.g. reading a poem, writing one, playing a musical instrument, sports, drawing something etc. Each day should take you nearer to the perfection stage. Each day should be better that the last day. One must always find ways to improve oneself. Learning a new thing a day will leave you with 365 new tricks at the end of the year. Mind you it is not easy. There might be some events in life which can take back to you where you have started. So application of learnt lessons in real life is equally important.

Wait what if I don't find anything that is "worth living for" till the end.But didn't you spend your whole life without it and that too with a strong learning curve. I guess this is what we call GOD or HOPE. We never give up our God (Hope).And that makes all the difference.

As L.Richards truly says: "In the end the pesimist may be right, but the optimist will have enjoyed the journey more."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Veer - Zaara

THe most anticipated film of this year has finally been released. And how is it ? Well lets say it is not one of the best creations from chopra productions. Main idea of the film of creating an another timeless classic lovestory weaved into india-pak arch rivalry seems to be genuine. But script once again follows the famous "DDLJ" tradition : protagonsits meeting by a chance, hero following heroine to her home and creating havoc, songs on fields etc.

In fact King Khan is a big flop in first half. You can literally point that this is the same stuff he is been repeating from Deewana. And that sucks big time. However his expressions in court scenes in second half is a novelty for his fans. Preity is there just for songs. I personaly feel about 75% of her screen presence is during song sequences. And one might guess why rani cries like she will never stop.

The good part of the film is the fresh tunes of Late Madan Mohan, ofcourse Lata and variety of male voices. Climax would make you feel the sacrifice made by khan as a total waste. Amitabh looks effective after much of his flop films. The best part for me was the last poem that khan recites in last court scene. It is kinda summary of what yash chopra wanted to say through his whole film but was kinda unsuccessful.

Phheeewwwww Finallyyyyyyy !!!!

I successfully defended my Master's Report (kindof thesis) on 15th Nov and was passed with no corrections in my report. For all those who don't know, defense is kind of seminar where you would be presenting your work to committe and students. They might ask questions and you would be defending your work. It marks the completion of my Master's education with some paperwork to be finished. Man, its a grt experience for I am a masters graduate now and I would be walking in dec graduate commencement.

One of committee members (professors) made a memorable stmt at the end of my defense while passing me off. He said "IN last one min you just raised your salary by millions of dollars". He meant being a masters graduate now, I can demand a higher salary and better std of living.

One thing that struck me was that this might be an end to my education life. Well I don't want to think abt that as I might start with some new degree in the future. Who KNows !!!

I would be keeping my report online on my website within few days.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sports and Statistics

Lets start with the beginning. Why sports are played? Reasons : sportmanship, competetion, strength, show of skillset and above all to have fun. Then to make the sports more interesting and a profitable business tournaments were arranged where people liked watching two countries fight for excellence. But insatiable media did not stop here. They gave rise to statistics.

Let me give an example, fiction though. Suppose sehwag hits a century in, say, wankede stadium against south africa. They (One who shall not be mentioned by name) would say its his career 10th test century. Then they would say its his 3rd test century against south africa. Then they would say its his 2nd test century in wankede. Then they would say its his first in wankede against south africa. Then they would end the article stating that sehwag is a first indian (or any cricket for the purpose) to score a test century against south africa in wankede in first innings in after-tea session under 200 balls finishing a century with a six and completing 50th run by a four.

Thus, every century made by every crickter will go down in the history with some unique set of statistics. I know few people who don't play cricket at all but know the statistics made by every cricketer in every era. So to make it short, sport is reduced to mere material mean game where all that matters is statistics.....

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Apprentice

The current new season of Apprentice has been a big showdown as compared to its previous season (thats what I have heard). I guess I know one of the reasons. If you follow the episodes seriously you will observe that Donald Trump mostly fires the project manager(PM) of the losing team.

We all know PM is a vital candidate of any team. But it doesn't mean he/she should take the responsibility of anything and everything. I totally understand that in corporate world PM would be accountable for all the happenings. But at the same time he may not be the weakest person of a team.

I don't think I am a right guy to argue with Business mogul Donald Trump on this issue. However it seems insane to fire a PM when he is of the same calibre as everybody else unlike in real world where PM is much more really experienced than his team members.

Here is a list of what I think abt PM.
Must-have qualities for a Project Manager (My list):

1) Maturity (he should not take any in-promt decision)
2) Experienced (its better if he knows the things waiting ahead)
3) Vision (how to make a current proj better than the last one)
4) Respect (good relationships with colleagues)
5) Competent (hard working, good skillset etc)