Saturday, March 19, 2005

what else do u want - cricket !!!

I have received this in email and could not get the source's information. But its funny especially for indians who love to see the pak lose the current cricket series....

Sehwag ki maa ko bulao,
Sachin ko Pepsi pilao,
Ganguly ko Chawanprash khilao,
Kaif ko Lays khilao,
Dravid ko Castrol pilao

Kaise bhi India ko jitao

Irade hai nek, hosle hai buland
kasam hai hindustan ki
phir wohi jalwa dikhaenge
rawalpindi express ko
local train banayenge

aaj ek ball aur khel lo
aaj ek bat aur pakad lo
aaj ek wicket aur le lo
aaj ek match aur jeet lo...

aaj bas aaj...

kya pata kal Pakistan ho na ho...

Monday, March 14, 2005


After reading a lot abt Black, finally got an opportunity to watch the movie. Well, I must say the movie lives upto its much hyped reputation. I am not surprised if AB claims that this is his best movie ever. TO begin with, the movie is different. It talks all about fighting against the odds. It highlights the sacred teacher-pupil relationship. And above all it has female lead as a protagonist. It is easy to show all the above-mentioned fighting spirit etc etc in a movie featuring any damn game, take for e.g., joh jeete...., lagaan. But to feature a dumb,blind girl / female as a lead takes lot of guts from Bhansali. It is clear in everyone's mind by now that this movie was made with OSCAR (lady) in mind, why, here's why: no songs, based on christian family, abt 70% of dialogues in English and many more. Well, we hope this gets a thumps up from OSCARs.

My fav part of film was: rani teaching AB all over again right from the start, thus proving that learning never ends and can be started at any age, and life is all about helping others.

Inscrutable americans !!!

Well, this is my first novel that has an Indian as a protagonist. And to be frank - its a really funny novel. Reading a funny novel is always a different feeling. It describes the life of an indian who comes to US for higher education (yeah right!!!). His innocence, cultural shock and his american friends will make you feel "how lonely u r in foreign land". Overall the book is a 'must-read belonging category' especially for all immigrants who are residing in US.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sorting Algo

We all listen to music. We categorise them according to the artist / band. We also categorize them according to the language of the lyrics (eng / hindi / etc) .We categorize them according to the era in which they were composed. We also have a 'favourite' folder. But at the end we select some few songs from each category and make and call it as 'my playlist'. So is it efficient, nah !!! I think we can do something else...i.e categorize them according to the mood as each song brings authentication to some particular type of mood. For e.g. we should have song folders like romantic, party, fighting spirit, gazal and many more. So if one wants to listen songs then he can select songs that suits his mood. I understand this sorting might create some new problems, i.e one will have difficult time in knowing whether he has some particular song and also in exchanging songs with friends. For this sorting to be successful, ppl would need to have a training eye which is difficult to achieve. It would be a big change in approach for ppl and ppl hate to change. But this sorting might help some mavericks like me!!!!