Tuesday, April 25, 2006

South Park

In my experience of watching television shows, I would rate South Park in top 3 of my favorites. You already know the reason if you have watched even a single episode of it and for others it would be difficult for me to describe. My advice for you guys would be to "watch it". If I have to pick a single reason behind the success of south park it has to me Eric Cartman or should I say "unbelievable son of a bitch". People love to hate him. He is one of the best defined and well-presented characters on small screen.

I could not resist but watch all nine seasons of South Park in straight 2.5 months. To sum up the series, its all about making fun of general perseption and insulting others in a good way. Ok I will take 'good way' back. This television series makes you sit back and appreciate American culture for the reason which is intelligently stated by an anonymous (I don't who he is :-)) author: "The freedom of a culture can be determined by the measure of extent to which people can laugh at themselves".

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life in general

1) Wake up at 8:30
2) Leave for office by 9:30
3) Check office mails to see whether there is anything that needs immediate attention
4) Work for 2 hours
5) Take a lunch break
6) Start working again
7) Take a coffee break.
8) Back to work
9) Drive home
10) Eat food
11) Do some timepass
12) Go to sleep at about 1 am

Well, now i am figuring ways out to improve this schedule. There are many ways and I firmly believe life can be more interesting.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


After getting some good reviews from my colleagues and friends I finally took up watching american TV show 'Lost'. I am used to sitcoms but this was a whole new expereince for me. I got instantly hooked upto it (like others) and watched almost all (37 odd) episodes in 3 straight weeks. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch it:

1) Production quality is very high. You can easily rate picture quality experience of Lost to a cinematic movie.
2) Although concept is not new, characterization stands at the top.
3) The story is totally script driven.
4) The makers have kept the suspense exceptionally fresh which makes you feel watch subsequent episodes at the earliest.