Friday, January 07, 2011

Another 2-liner

I wrote this 2-liner in 2002:

"Life is programmed by God
but executed by me!"

We ended up making t-shirts, for our undergrad class, with these lines embedded - 1st line on front and 2nd line on back of the shirt. Sadly my t-shirt met its death couple of years back. This t-shirt project went for couple of months and involved:

1) Coming up with about 10 2-liners
2) Taking class's approval on which one did they like
3) Making a cool art of 'a computer controlled by human hands'
4) Finally, deciding on quality and color of t-shirt and everything that went on it.

The t-shirt raised few eyebrows among the public because 'execution' was interpreted in a whole different way by the non-technical people. Nevertheless I had fun working on these lines.


Alina said...

Tha's quite a nice two liner, reminded me of this in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". "The gods are just. No doubt. But their code of law is dictated, in the last resort, by the people who organize society."

black magic said...

your blog is good

Manali said...

Thats a nice two liner,was just browsing,nice blog